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Learn Luke this Advent: Start Here!

By Bill Powell

This Advent, learn the Christmas Story! Luke 2:1-20. One verse a day. This slideshow explains how to learn these verses easily.

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This Advent, I’m learning the Christmas story from Luke. One verse a day, the easy way. Like “Books by Heart” to get your daily verse right here on Facebook. Plus, links to free, short memory lessons that make remembering easy.


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This Advent, I’m learning the Christmas story from Luke. One verse a day, the easy way. Get your daily verse, plus links to free, short memory lessons, via Facebook, Twitter, email, or RSS. Check it out:

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These free updates will give you everything you need to learn Luke this Advent. But if you or someone you love prefers paper, check out my book, Christmas by Heart.

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Posted: Fri, Nov 23, 2012